What is a demon?

A demon is a fallen angel. When Satan, who was the very highest angel, rebelled against God, he took a large humber of the angels with him in rebellion (1/3 of all of the angels in heaven). (see Isaiah 14.12-15; Ezekiel 28.12-19; etc.) In some cases they cause sickness and mental illness. Jesus has given us power and authority as Christians to drive out demons. Find out more click here.

How can I tell if I have had an encounter with a demon?

A demon does not want you to know that you have had an encounter with him. The enemy of our souls influences our lives in order to steal, kill and destroy something in our lives eventually. Deception is their game. Lies are their tools. Find out more click here.

How can I recognize demons?

There are many symptoms people experience such as panic attacts, overwhelming fear, outbursts of anger, rage and violence, depression, suicide thoughts, addictions and other emotions or attitudes that are out of balance, uncontrollable and reoccurring. Find out more click here.

If I am a Christian, how can a demon affect my life?

Christians are three part beings. We are a spirit, we have a soul (mind, will and emotions, including memories) and we live in a physical body. When we are born again by the Spirit our spirit man comes alive and Christ dwells in our spirit. Our soul needs to go through transformation by the renewing of our minds. Our soul; i.e. mind, will, emotions and memories need to be healed and set free from any demonic influence so that transformation of the soul can take place. Also, our physical bodies may be residents for spirits of infirmity causing pain, sickness and disease. Jesus said that we were to go, drive out demons and heal the sick (Mark 16). Find out more click here.

Do children need exorcism (deliverance)?

Indicators for the need of exorcism (deliverance) apply to all ages. Usually, children are easier to work with than adults. The children need ministry from someone who is a born again Christian and has authority over the child, such as a parent, relative, or a minister who is given spiritual power of attorney to minister to the child under the authority of the parent. Click here for more information on "Ministering to Children." To hear an audio testimony of a five year old that was set free click here. To hear an audio testimony of an eleven year old that was set free click here.

We are members of a secret society. Does this affect our lives, our families or our homes?

Most secret societies that I am aware of are separated from the church creating relationships that keep aspects of their lives separated and oblivious to the body of Christ. Some of these organizations include Freemasonry. You can learn more about what they represent from a Christian point of view by reading one (click here) or a second (click here) articles.


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