Haunted house, building or land

How would I know an exorcism (deliverance) is needed on my house, building or land?

With some it is very clear. You may be seeing paranormal activity such as dark forms or "ghosts" in your facility. You may see things or objects moving by themselves, doors opening and closing by themselves, strange sounds or knockings. In these cases, or if you feel something ominous when you step onto the property, it is quite likely ministry is needed by a minister that is trained in exorcisms (deliverance). Click here for further information.

Audio testimonies of the benefits of actual exorcisms (deliverance) of houses, buildings and land?

Does more than one person do an exorcism?

With buildings, houses and land it is probably best to have a team of 2 or 3 to cleanse the property; do an exorcism (deliverance) of the land or property. It would be helpful to know the chain of title and to know if there were any traumatic events that occurred on the property. In the case of ministry to individuals, 1, 2 or 3 individuals can minister individually or as a team.

Can one person do an exorcism?

One person can do an exorcism (deliverance) of land, property or individuals. A person who has authority needs to give permission to the minister for ministry.

How can I discern if a person needs exorcism?

There are many symptoms people experience such as panic attacts, overwhelming fear, outbursts of anger, rage and violence, depression, suicide thoughts, addictions and other emotions or attitudes that are out of balance, uncontrollable and reoccurring. Find out more click here. These people would benefit from an exorcism (deliverance).


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