What is poltergeist?

Poltergeist originated in German in the 19th Century. Geist in German is defined as spirit or ghost. Polter in German is defined as "rumble". Poltergeist and zeitgeist refer to the same phenomenon. In "Poltergeist", "...geist" is clearly specified as a supernatural being. It can be translated as a "noisy ghost". Another dictionary indicates the definition is "spirit, ghost that announces its presence by making noises and causing other types of disturbances. This definition from German to English sounds like it relates to haunted houses, buildings or land. Click here.

What gives the right to a poltergeist to be active?

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What programs or tools are available for youth to help set kids free?

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Does the Word of God ward off demons?

Demons do not like to hear the Word of God spoken by individuals. Demons don't even like it when a physical Bible is used during an exorcism (deliverance). During an exorcism (deliverance) we have found that evil spirits (demons) will more easily come out of a person or come off of a person when a Bible is applied to that part of their body that is manifesting demonic activity at the time.


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